✔ ABBS PU College is accepting applications for the academic year 2021-22

✔ Recognized by the Dept of Pre University Education Board, Govt. of Karnataka.


Recognized by the Dept of Pre University Education Board, Govt. of Karnataka.

Who We Are?

Taking admissions at the PRE UNIVERSITY colleges in Bangalore, means taking the first step towards your GLORIOUS FUTURE.

At ABBS PU college, considered the "best PU college in Bangalore" for courses like PCMB, PCMC and CEBA Course in Bangalore, we acknowledge the fact that every student is capable of being the best in their own way, therefore we make it uncomplicated for them to know how they can excel in a particular stream. It is not our only aim to provide Higher Education to students but also to assist them with their future.

Achieve your 10+2 with excellence at the best PU Colleges in Bangalore for Science!

The results of 10+2 become your Entity for life, no matter how much experience you gain, how much you own, or how smart you become, the qualification of 10+2 is carried forward with you forever.

So why not make it Remarkable?

About Us

The ABBS campus is situated at Cholanagar, RT Nagar, Hebbal, Bangalore. At ABBS, we pride ourselves as one of the top PU Colleges in Bangalore for Science including Commerce and Economics as well. This only became attainable as we emplaced distinctive learning tools for our scholars, excellent infrastructure of the campus, committed faculty, commendable placements, and productive tie-ups. The amalgamation of all these elements labels ABBS as the best PU college in Bangalore for Commerce. We surely provide admissions to students coming from all over India, and also acknowledge students outside the country, depending upon the circumstances. Talking about the courses, we give you options for the bouquet of courses including PCMB, PCMC, and CEBA each a careful blend of classroom learning and practical experience.

How we make a difference?

In alliance with Samagra Sikshana Samithi Trust, the ABBS is a group of institutions that goes with the belief that the most important part of Human life is Education, it defines Human beings in every aspect. The reason behind setting foot among the best PU colleges in Bangalore is the enthusiasm of our founders towards a better future for the country starting with the Megacity, Bangalore.

Over the years we have been delivering premium education to the students, they are in accord that when they leave this place, the world out there will know their worth.

We have been and will always make the best Scholars out of our Students!

Enthusiastic Faculty at ABBS

The learning environment is enriched by a team of highly experienced and motivated faculty and staff. The methodologies here are engaging and relevant with time, and teaching procedures are adapted in a way to keep students intrigued with their studies leaving the monotonous Indian education system behind, which makes ABBS the best PU college in Bangalore.

Keeping aside the Complexity that is faced by institutions when it comes to Student and Faculty relations, we convey in their mind the very simple motto, "The experience and knowledge are not something to keep in the pocket, instead it is something to spread and unfurl into Students". We maintain fair rules for the faculty and look consistently for maintaining the content among our faculty because to us they are the pillars of this institution. It is due to the endeavour of our faculty that we procure the title of best CEBA, PCMB, and PCMC college in Bangalore.


The country's commercial and educational hub Bangalore allows us the opportunity to teach as many as possible, this doesn't create chaos at all, in fact seeing this much enthusiasm among Indian youngsters towards education gives us more strength to carry out this responsible task. If you are planning to be a part of the ABBS PU College for Commerce in Bangalore, things that you need to get excited about is the ambience of campus which is surrounded by five sprawling acres of greenery and sunshine, the aesthetically designed classrooms, well-equipped hostels, and state-of-the-art sports facilities, These all embraces you with a serene ecosystem at the campus that will help you to get the best space to focus on your study. Unlike other PU colleges in Bangalore, ABBS is enriched and known for its rigorous training approach and distinctive learning experience that prepare students for their future and help them to become highly demanded, relevant skilled professionals in the future. The values that you carry from here stay within you forever, and will always be a reason for distinctive skills and knowledge among others.

Being the PU College in Bangalore for Science, Economics, and Commerce, we guide students to develop their knowledge as well as personality through the creative and curious educational pattern that helps keep students motivated and competitive. We assign them practicals as much as possible to understand the concepts widely and deeply. The inherent talents are extracted from each and everyone and optimized towards their education. We teach them the value of life and how it becomes easy with a strong educational background, to develop leadership skills through participation in a wide array of student-led activities, which strongly impacts the attitude of students towards their future building. The ABBS alumni will NEVER GIVE UP as he/she knows their POTENTIAL really well!



Founded in 2014, with the intention to get youths ready to appear for different State and National level entrance exams along with the regular curriculum which qualifies students to join professional courses. We strive to make each and every student competent in the streams that they have chosen and make them capable of shining in their respective area. Main courses at ABBS include PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology), PCMCS (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science), CEBA (Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science).

Your search for the best PCMB college in Bangalore ends here. And if you are more into tech, then among all PU Colleges in Bangalore for Science you will prefer moving forward with us. We also welcome those who aim for becoming successful entrepreneurs by offering them top-notch CEBA course in bangalore.


  • PU Science curriculum is integrated with coaching for competitive exams.
  • PU Commerce curriculum is integrated with coaching for Competitive exams.
  • CA / CS foundation training program in PU II for interested and deserving students free of cost.
  • State of the art sports complex with a full-time Sports trainer.
  • Everything you need/Well stocked Library.
  • Formal Mentor Protege program for personal care and attention.
  • Most convenient Transit facility by college buses.
  • Well equipped with Interactive Learning Mobile App classrooms.
  • Proposed Greenhouse and Tinkering lab to make science education practices.
  • CET and NEET training in PU II for interested students.


No doubt about the fact that if we are acknowledged among the best PU colleges in Bangalore, then there is something exceptional about us. A parent who is spending so much on his/her kid will expect to see them at a place that is worth it.

We are inclined toward maintaining an adequate classroom pattern that draws out all negativity which can become a reason for distraction while studying.

We make sure that each classroom is well-ventilated and well-lit.

Our PU College for Commerce in Bangalore maintains the art infrastructure for audio and video equipment as per the requirement. In order to keep this level consistent, we arrange an inspection on a regular basis to check all parameters.

At ABBS Top PU College in Bangalore for Science, our responsibility toward a student doesn't end with the end of the course, in fact, we try our best to guide them in their further studies. We make them accessible with the Counselling facility by the end of their 10+2. The suggestions from different people for different scenarios create chaos in the student's mind which can result in taking influenced/biassed decisions. Our counselling cell allows students to understand better and easier, which option can be best for their future.

One of the main attractions of the "best PU college in Bangalore", ABBS is the Library department. This library owns everything that an Intrigued mind needs. We keep the library well-stocked and all genres/study materials are shelved in a very disciplined manner. A responsible staff is appointed during study time, who assists students.

Along with the vision to keep students safe and secure we provide all relevant privileges to our students residing at our campus hostel. The ABBS Best PU College in Bangalore for Science is tucked away from the usual constraints of asphalt and concrete, far from the city it enjoys a scenic view surrounded by fruit orchards and a serene ambience. The ABBS boarding welcomes all students, in modern accommodation with a very comfortable and safe atmosphere. Two separate hostel buildings exist that accommodate Boys and Girls separately.


Labs- The PCMC College in Bangalore provides the most modern and well-equipped state of art labs which are continually upgraded.
Sports- Different types of games are made available to students in order to get them activated.
Canteen- A variety of delicious cuisines are served with keeping hygiene a priority.
NCC/NSS- All students can join either N.C.C. or N.S.S. The college has been allotted one company each in Army Wing and Navy.

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