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Counselling Cell

Career Counseling @ ABBS

What Next after 10th and 12th. ?

How to Choose A Career?

What after completing class 12th?

This question occupies each student’s mind once they complete class 12th. Whether it’s their parents, relatives, teachers, neighbours or friends, everyone around them will ask the same question. While some students have an answer, others are confused. For those who are confused, it is best to understand all the available courses in detail. Besides, it is better to take more time in making such decisions than rushing into them and regretting it later.

The decision of pursuing any course will not only affect their professional life but will also play an essential role in their social life. Some of the most common mistakes students tend to make are; choosing the same course as of their friends or selecting the choice of their parents. So, before making the final decision, they should go through all the top courses after 12th. Having an idea about these courses will help them in making a favourable choice.

Every student wins half of their battle by selecting a stream after class 10th. The course selection after class 12th depends on the stream chosen by them in class 10th, i.e. Science, Commerce or Arts. Furthermore, students should ask themselves about their areas of interest, skills they are good in as well as their goals in life. The answers to these questions will help them reach the course of their choice.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a right career, students should not pick the most convenient option. Instead, they should select an option that motivates them. All of us have different interests, motivations and goals. Thus, every student should select a course based on these factors and not according to someone else’s choices. We at ABBS will help you understand the wide range of courses available for you.


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‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand’

The most effective way of learning is through doing. One needs to completely get involved in the various practical experiments be it in the subject of Chemistry, Biology , Physics & COMPUTER SCIENCE to get a thorough knowledge and understanding.
ABBS aims to ensure that student strengthen their knowledge of theory with lively practical thereby helping him remember it forever.
The college provides the most modern and state of art labs which are continually upgraded.
Dedicated and qualified Lab assistants and the teachers assist the students in understanding and undertaking experiments.

ABBS Biology Laboratory:

Biology lab is the place where our students discover and integrate their knowledge to an understanding of life. Students utilize hands-on laboratory activities to enhance their exploration of biology.
Students study detailed structures and scientific aspects of plants and animals. Studying the available specimens and the study of slides under microscopes kindles their interest and curiosity towards nature and instills a joy of learning the flora & fauna around us.

ABBS Physics Lab:

The Physics lab is well planned and well equipped with scientific instruments to reinforce scientific and experimental concepts and to cater the needs of students.

ABBS Chemistry Lab:

The chemistry laboratory gives students the opportunity to perform experiments that explore important chemical concepts and introduce proper lab techniques and safety.

ABBS Computer Lab:

The College has a well equipped computer laboratory with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.
The College is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for students to get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.



The ABBS Pre-University College is tucked away from the usual constraints of asphalt and concrete, far from the city it enjoys a scenic view surrounded by fruit orchards and a serene ambience.
The ABBS boarding welcomes all students, in a modern accommodation with a very comfortable and safe atmosphere. Two separate hostel buildings exist that accommodates Boys and Girls separately.

All rooms are furnished with quality furnishings and include beds, wardrobes, bookshelves, desks and bedside units. Dedicated hostel wardens are accommodated on each floor and remain continuously available to the boarders. Separate lounges inside both the girls and boys hostel are made available and are equipped for recreational facilities and indoor games.
A common cafeteria, serves wholesome, simple and balanced Non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines to the boarders.
Prep time is allocated for the students to study every day under the watchful eyes of Prep Duty staff.


Along with bookish learning, a student should spend his time on games and sports. There are many benefits of games and sports in education. Outdoor games such as football, cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. have many benefits. The participation in any one of them is not a fruitless or frivolous pursuit.


Well ventilated for good and sufficient light and air with ample customization of the classrooms for sound proof as well. Every class room is provided with the state of the art infrastructure for audio and video equipments that are put into use every time and everywhere as it is part of our mission to achieve excellence.


The College Cafeteria is spacious,clean and hygienic,offering varieties of North Indian,South Indian and Chinese cuisine. The well ventilated canteen with adequate lighting facility in an open-air environment is a pleasant din of voices, opinions and fun over food. The eatables served in the canteen are prepared under hygienic conditions and are of excellent quality and a treat for the taste buds. The canteen cell manages the canteen, which in consultation with students takes care of different aspects like hygiene, prices, timings, services etc. Canteen functions from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM to serve food to both day scholars and for those staying in hostels as well as the staffs. The food is served four times which include breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.


All students, can join either N.C.C. or N.S.S. The college has been allotted one company each in Army Wing and Navy.
The National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) is an important wing. Both the boys and the girls of the college are eligible to join. The college has the right to reject admission to any student if his discipline is not upto the mark.

Tenure & Certificate Exams

• A senior division / senior wing cadet’s tenure is two (2) years extendable to three (2+1) years in exceptional cases only.
• At college level cadets can appear for B & C certificate examinations after completion of first and second year training respectively.

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